Friday, June 29, 2018

Perpetual Motion PT.9

The catch phrase was no news is good news, but on the flipside like Rosenstein vs The GOP concerning the Russian collusion investigation there's  the information overload. 

Like laser rays we stay in perpetual motion!!   like Trump supposedly winning we stay in motion,  but in a breakbeat scientific mode. 

We had a notion so beats will thump and this good word is dropped; who's for or against us? like the shooting at the Capital Gazette  plays run by enemy will take us out. per the Trump Crime Syndicate / gangsters aka pranksters were playing a role;  they'll fake us out.

 Like leaves they'll rake us out of the yard!! plus, over here in Decatur Georgia?  something about going hard was the rhetoric. 

A dude achieves,  but it's rough out here!!  for some of my constituents conditions are harsh / pathetic.

Per Flashback Friday? some mentioned letting it go,  another love TKO per Teddy Pendergrass. 

How did I play? I was on that outback chronicle type of business,  the lawn mower ran over the snake in the grass. 

Was there a lesson / blessing in that? it might have been a symbol or omen to keep on moving, no matter who gets in the way..

Staying in perpetual motion, logic over emotion? some said that's how I'll have to play....

We see how these jokers will play, Maxine Waters even said she's gotten death threats..

Plus Sean Hannity had her name in his mouth; per Flashback Friday? back in the day Pops always said watch your mouth!! rolling through these treacherous waters full of sharks and piranhas this dude never forgets!!

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