Saturday, March 24, 2018

Wayne Shorter / Zero Gravity To The Tenth Power

Digital Crate Digging Continues!!  Checking out some jazz per this Afternoon Jazz segment I have going. 

Oh! Oh!! it's after 6:00 pm on the East Coast, so my Saturday Night Fever segment is also underway!! I'm going for what I'm knowing!!

I don't brag or boast, so what are you knowing? that was the question asked!!

I don't brag or boast, I'm laying in the cut while these ATL wannabe macks and divas limelight basked!!

Chilling out, coasting!! it's all about peace!! I won't quit or forfeit..

Chilling out, listening to  Zero Gravity To The Tenth Power from the Wayne Shorter Quartet.

This edition of the Wayne Shorter Quartet consists of;

Wayne Shorter - tenor sax; Danilo Perez - piano; John Patitucci - bass; Brian Blade - drums

Check them out!! 

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