Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Specialist

It's going down on a Throwback Thursday!  but I started writing this on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, I call it that because it can go either way. 

Due to the Spring Equinox, it's also time to rock!! it's also a critical stage of development,  per the homie from India coinciding with Hindu Festivals? so how will we play? 

Check out this word from a specialist, some say acting special with this or even acting extra...

Taking it to the bridge like the JB's? relevant to Throwback Thursday!! extra!! extra!!

Taking liberties like Cambridge Analytica? what's the deal bruh? data was harvested from Facebook!!

How will some play? they're trying to lawyer up like Trump since John Dowd left!! face to face with a crook?

Of course we have to pray,  because that's the way we make it.

Par for the course? like DACA not mentioned in the spending bill some of my constituents are caught up in the system / matrix

We made a break for it, acting special;  we broke north,  or actually south!!  rolling down I-75 to Atlanta. 

Wakanda or the so called promised land? acting extra? we left Louisville, now a Midwest dude in the dirty south;  who'll understand a brotha? 

Left out like Louisville from the NCAA tournament? kicked out of the NIT by Mississippi State now the coach David Padgettt was let go!! 

Left out,  waiting in the dark? please!!  this specialist kept it moving vehicles weren't in park!!  check out how we play,  we're still working it out acting extra / acting special...

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