Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT. 10

It was a game changer; even though we enter a new season per the  Spring Equinox the sign said no trespassing, this is private property!

Ain't that a shame was heard from a naysayer!!  it was a deal breaker!! it's all game!!  signs of what's transpiring are in front of us, especially if game is peeped properly.

Word from Robert Mueller?  I told a real faker I'm not trying to fool with ya, but reality will stomp you!! even  Gods Property with Kirk Franklin mentioned Stomp!! it's a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday but we're trying to get over the hump like it's the middle of the week!

Acting brand new with ya / acting extra? please! business is handled properly!  beats thump and the good word is dropped!  strong,  not weak. 

Due to the game changer? per March Madness winning streaks are over with like Virginia Cavaliers and North Carolina Tar Heels in the NCAA basketball tournament! who can we work with? it's rough out here, especially when you're trying to level up /  power up! 

It's rough out here, check the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica type of deal breaker when dealing with a faker!! the game is shady,  especially when a devil wants you to give your power up. 

We didn't pump brakes when face to face with a crook!! we exercise power up in this piece!! we kept it moving!! old dude from East St Louis said choose your poison. 

...He said drink the elixir or potion if you've got a notion and keep going!!  but jokers are playing it like Mitch McConnell concerning Trump vs Mueller, they're picking and choosing!!   then they'll  bring the noise in. 

...Like they were picking and grinning;  oh!!  they brought the noise in like it was the Grand Ole Opry. 

It's a game changer; situations?  we lose are poise in!!  we start tripping, but no baggage was packed!! but we're still low key,  no telling where the black ops will be.

It'll be a deal breaker, The Phantom of the Opera will be present but we won't know it. 

Game changers and deal breakers are dealt with by this specialist!! damned if we do or don't,  it didn't stop me!!  I go for it.

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