Friday, March 02, 2018

LaTrece - 'I Want To Thank You' (Dr Packer Re Edit)

Digital crate digging contimues, we're at that intersection where old and new combine..

It's Flashback Friday and New Music Friday, don't lie to me trying to play with my mind!!

Gave the cash back and doing things my way I'm not a sellout!! my kind are already under enough pressure..

Ready to lash back!! we don't play!! I can even say I've failed out here in Babylon; I  felt the pressure...

Reality will test ya, but once again it's on, we're coming through like a bomb cyclone!! I want to say thank you to the Lord for seeing me through!!

Listening to LaTrece with  'I Want To Thank You' (Dr Packer Re Edit) ;  others are going through it, seeing what it do!!

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