Monday, March 19, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT. 9

 The saga / struggle continues,  science is dropped!! it's a game changer!! we're exercising our first amendment rights. 

The saga / struggle continues!! check out the deal breaker as ear shattering gunshots exploded from Cole's Place in Louisville in the Parkland area to schools in Parkland, Florida!!  check the score bruh it's out of control,  but jokers like the NRA are still worried about their second amendment rights!!

Back in the day? Mr. Cole told me it was a rat race / dog eat dog world, that knowledge was a game changer!! now check out these third eye insights!! they're from a breakbeat scientific perspective.

Who's back in the way? like Trump on a tweet binge about the Russia investigation how did they roll? please!! it was a deal breaker!! I  heard the big lie,  give me a break!!  chill with the disrespecting.  

Per Music Monday? beats will thump as O-Dizzle goes on a binge with the digital crate digging!! excuse us, but it's going down!!  it'll be a game changer!! check us out as we get breakbeat scientific.

We know how some will play, rolling like Cambridge Analytica clocking with the Facebook digital farming!! it was a deal breaker! I told haters to lose us with the madness!  O-Zone clapped back as an antagonist. 

I did the knowledge like a Cambridge dictionary and Encyclopedia Brittanica! it was a game changer!!  use me as an instrument?  the Lord did!!  I was on a special assignment. 

What's the word from this specialist? I'm dealing with it per the Spring Equinox!!  it wasn't a deal breaker, the planets are in alignment. 

Dealing with this solitary confinement by product, check the conduct!! I know,  it won't meet everybody's approval. 

It's the real thing contrary to somes belief, those acting brand new with a bruh!!

What's the deal with this thing? some say acting special / extra but at the end of the day they'll see it's a game changer...

Deal breakers will be analyzed by this specialist!! trying to stay a step ahead of the danger!!

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