Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Specialist PT.3 (HumpDay Extravaganza)

Per this Humpday Extravaganza? we're caught in a moment of time;  I guess it's a critical stage of development!!  but the specialist, O-Dizzle is ready willing and able!!  he's conducting classes

Trying to get over the hump, caught fighting an opponent of mine!!  real special with this!!  the details?  the devil was in them, so the sound is weaponized!!  the funk is needed to rescue the masses. 
Paying the price  / paying the cost to be the boss but the train of thought derails!! acting extra? but no NTA investigators are needed. 

...Similar to UN weapons inspectors in Iran or soon to be back in North Korea?  clocking North Korea / China collaborations,  meanwhile over in Decatur?  jokers were drunk or weeded.

We're acting real special with this!! dealing with the chaos and confusion like it was Trump's tariff plan.

In the midst of the chaos and confusion?  this good word is dropped and beats thump from this specialist,  but who's fair with this man?
Winning? losing? I'm down here chilling in the ATL,  home of the Big Tymer type number one stunnas.

Ladies and gentlemen?  word from this specialist?  you're now rolling with one of the last of the original funky drummers.

Shady gentlemen? per Louisville / Newburg default settings,  back in the day?  acting extra, running with gangsters and drug runners!  the hood Pablo Escobars and El Chapo Guzmans.

Grady babies? these days I'm  dealing with them down here in Atlanta!! I'm feeling like a Mississippi blues man!!

This specialist is peeping game, checking the news man!!  peeping game like a Robert Mueller investigation.

This specialist is peeping game, checking the news man!! like a DACA dreamer waiting on some type of legislation.

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