Friday, March 30, 2018

The Specialist PT. 4 (Flashback Friday Edition)

Like Robert Mueller trying to flip Rick Gates you'll have to excuse me as I act extra;   some say I'm acting special with this...

What it do? guards were at the gates commissioned by the thought and fashion police!  I told them you'll have to excuse me but I'm just doing what I do!! this is word from the specialist..

Discount rates for these clearance rack epiphanies?  I started writing this on a Throwback Thursday, now it's Flashback Friday; excuse me as I travel back to the future. 

Count Basic with Hide and Seek will play but I made the wrong play!!   heart not making errors it was the mind!!  excuse me for acting brand new with ya.

Special with this? borrowed that line from old school Baptist preachers mentioning an error of the mind and not the heart.

I beg your pardon, but I begged,  borrowed and stole like the Temptation's  Papa Was A Rolling Stone  to arrive at this point;  O-Zone was off to a bad start! 

Odes to Flashback Friday are made  as we ignore temptations to participate in the charade;  1 John 2:15-17  mentioned not loving this world, but after the drama unfurled  they said this specialist  needed to log back in to Facebook but I was through with them way before Cambridge Analytica!!   they still wanted me to participate. 

Odes to Flashback Friday are made as I reflect on past episodes!! per Louisville / Newburg default settings I was face to face with a crook;  I'll admit I was acting special with this / taking it to the bridge but  the smoke and fog we're in was due to the hate.

 Odes to Flashback Friday are made by this specialist that comes to set them straight;  Full Force will get busy one time!

 ...Of course we deal with the hate; from Sacramento to the ATL  authorities come out in full force,  something about fighting crime.

 Meanwhile I'm acting extra / acting special!! I'm out here  fighting time,  trying to catch up on my pimping!!

This is word from the specialist, taking it to the bridge!! going on with mine,  but life is not a simple thing.

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