Saturday, March 10, 2018

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 120 #Relax Music

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! I’ve got this Saturday Night Fever thing going..

Your dude is chilling out / cooling out; ignoring an under achiever going for what they’re knowing…

The chaos and confusion is growing!! this dude wanted no part of it!! I told them to miss me with it..

Taking a loss? losing means learning a lesson; the attitude is still positive!! the blessing? I won’t miss it!!..

Back in the district listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 120 #RelaxMusic courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power

DJ Equip Mode is the selector, check out the playlist and the mix!! chill mode is selected at this hour!!

1.Candlelight Jazz [Alexandra Hampton – Closure]
2.Bossa Lounge [Riovolt – Da Onda]
3.Kool Klean – Gravity
4.Smooth Jazz [Gyrefunk (feat. Joe Cohen) – Another Moment]
5.Smooth Jazz [Jimmie Highsmith Jr. – Still Moments Grandmas Song]
6.Smooth Jazz James PJ Spraggins (ft. Tyrone Jackson) – Pure Logic
7.Late-Night Cruising Soul Lounge [The Blumoon Orchestra – Gone]
8.Soothing Bossa Chill [Urban Phunk Society – One Crazy Summer]
9.Smooth Electronica [Trillian Miles – Planet Straciatella]
10.Slow Smooth Jazz [Rod Tate – Posted]
11.Electro Samba [Faze Action – Samba]
12.Lounge Music [Blue Wave – Sea of Blossoms (Original Mix)]
Smooth Jazz Session Mix 120 #Relax Music | Whats Really Going On?

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