Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.7

It's another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, it can go either way! it'll be a game changer, similar to Trump firing Rex Tillerson...

How will we play? more than rappers are in danger per Fat Joe; the sport is complex, whatcha know about the shady dealing? 

Check out the ongoing deal breaking!! the saga / struggle continues!!  it's rough out here!! damn!!  I'm trying to find somebody to work with me!!

Some are breaking north, as the saga / struggle continues!! O-Zone? I'm rocking these venues!1  I won't mess up the national anthem like Fergie! 

O-Dizzle is beat breaking, it'll be a game changer!! blue collar work will be put in,  can we get down like Craig Mack? may he rest in peace, but soon we're unraveling the box we're put in. 

What's the dizzle? for a dollar?  others continue to be victimized!! they played that role of a punishment glutton!!

For me? it was a deal breaker!! moving beyond gathering and hunting,  trying to run some things so we kept on running

Due to the math, plus taking that path?  it got lonely out there!! O-Zone knew it wasn't fair,  but he kept on funky drumming. 

Due to the math? we spotted the game changer as Roger Stone contacted Wikileaks!! similar to authorities summoning the usual suspects who were snitching / leaking /  they had a story to tell...

It was a deal breaker, but we know these territories remain hostile!! but they'll soon meet the same fate; will it be like how the Roman and Greek empires fell? 

Spotted the deal breaker as bombs explode in Austin Texas, planted by domestic terrorists!!

I stopped dealing with fakers, it was a game changer!! complex? that's how the sport is!! somebody might feel this!!

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