Monday, March 05, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.5

Regular scheduled programming was interrupted, it was a game changer!!  but we'll soon get back on track. 

We're dealing with the deal breaker; flows were corrupted like Russians interfering in elections,  showing they have the knack. 

Robert Mueller says it was a deal breaker!!  that's not how this works!!

Trump will clap back,  blaming it all on Obama when some of his people like Jared Kushner were in the network.

Beats thump and this good word is dropped for my people!! it's how we deal with the drama!!  now that's not a deal breaker! we didn't beat around the bush as we try to put in work!!

Others were caught up in the drama after drinking that purple drank and smoking that dry kush! it was a game changer!   per Music Monday?  they're flying high listening to Musique In The Bush after  doing their dirty work!! 

The work others put in is evil, it was a game changer!  they lay in the cut / bush,  soon ear shattering gunshots exploded like down at the high school in Parkland Florida

Gun enthusiasts mentioned it's not a deal breaker per the second amendment that needs an amendment,  but no work is done in Gainesville or up in DC,  that I-95 corridor. 

We exercise these first amendment rights, peeping game per the shady deal /  keeping score for ya then dropping this knowledge. 

These brothers exercise power,  as long as the mothership gets good mileage.

Game changers / deal breakers reside in the same grey area,  check the scenario...

Friends / strangers / real fakers slide through the portal / grey area; who left the door open? check the scenario!

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