Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.8

The saga / struggle continues per this Humpday Extravaganza!! we're trying to get over the hump, understand a brotha?  the game changer was we made things harder than they had to be. 

Now we're caught up in the system / matrix; it's a deal breaker!!  this isn't what the Lord had for me! 

Oh!!  I know life is full of toil and strife!! plus a backstabber with the knife / real faker contributes to the confusion!! rolling like Trump firing Rex Tillerson?   don't get me wrong!!

..Plus I'm hip to the shady dealing, plus I know progress is not made unless you're strong. 

Supreme courage and maximum strength is needed, it'll be a game changer!! I'm like a quarterback going through different progressions,  making reads based on how the defense is set up.

That's how I work it!! not stressed out at the Monday morning armchair quarterbacks meetings or maybe Trump staff members worried about being fired /  talking about being set up. 

That's a deal breaker!! but per Deuteronomy 28.3 your dude is blessed out here in the city and the field!! wise to the whole set up, per studying black holes like Stephen Hawking..

The Institute of Breakbeat Scientific Studies is open for business!! soon Sonic Assaults are unleashed, plus we use a Virginia Cavalier pack line defense / we're ball hawking.. 

It was a game changer!! but like the Cleveland Cavaliers we're still dealing with issues.

It was almost a deal breaker but that's the way of the world per Earth Wind and Fire;  we all go through something,  don't tell me that it missed you!! 

These shady corporate deal makers stressed you out!! now your ready to run me off I-20 in Atlanta during the rush hour traffic..

I know how the sport can get; game changers and deal breakers were dominant; per this Humpday Extravaganza? somebody might understand a brotha as I drop these mathematics!!

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