Friday, March 16, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.8

It was a game changer; damn!! I was told to sign in,  that way I could be clocked /  notified. 

Soon sanctions are introduced like Trump vs North Korea, but it wasn't a deal breaker; now they want to talk about things,  though Pops always said somebody lied. 

Sanctification qualifications due to the mathematics studied per the O-Dog mix?  it's not a game changer, so I doubt it. 

Ramifications from these  NRA type fanatics per threats to their so called second amendment rights?  is it a deal breaker? they're ready to go all out for it!!
Ramifications from NCAA type fanatics trying to shut down the Louisville Cardinals while other schools do the same things?  it's a deal breaker!! check us out as we supply the rebuttal or the feedback. 

We know how these jokers play!! the devil is a liar!!  him and his advocates plot and scheme like like Trump and CPAC. 

Jokers need to give the cash and weed back per selling out!!  now they lost clout!! they're "buked and scorned" 

It was a deal breaker like Rex Tillerson getting fired, HR McMaster next? meanwhile over in Decatur the Dutch Master was cut up / altered with the weed as cultures clash!! the funk? O-Dizzle will stash on this Flashback Friday we go back and move forward!!  points are scored.

It was a game changer,  even though the mothership crash landed after lights started blinking on the instrument panel while going back to the future,  like Throwback Thursday.

....even on today's  Flashback Friday,  as I let the music play and drop this good word due to being hungry and thirsty. 

Peeping game like Robert Mueller, and the Russia probe; who'll work with me? it's a question I always ask!!

It can be a game changer or deal breaker!! meanwhile I'm  behind the scenes doing the dirty work,  I didn't limelight bask.

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