Monday, March 12, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.7

It was almost a game changer!! me and my team were told to sign in as soon we entered the domain. 

It was almost a deal breaker like DC doing nothing about DACA  / dreamers!! like them we were on standby, it was a waste of time!! but  O-Zone still rocks the baldy no need for Rogaine. 

A real faker was just a plotter / schemer, disrespecting like Trump vs Maxine Waters!! out in these treacherous waters? you'll deal with fast or slow pain!  love is gonna get you,  mentioned by KRS One. 

Trying to maintain down here in Atlanta!!  some said its Wakanda Forever!!  meanwhile? per Music Monday,  Drake said he's on one. 

Trying to maintain!!  Javanka types were cunning and clever,  but it'll be a game changer when it all falls down due to Robert Mueller investigations. 
Trying to maintain!! it's Heavy Falling out like the Stylistics!! we're dealing with matrix glitches shorting out system integrations. 

It was a deal breaker for some; caught up in the system / matrix elaborations were dropped earlier.

The game changer? this retro futuristic mysticism is dropped,  we had work to do.

Didn't play games with these strangers, that's a deal breaker!! I don't know where they're coming from!!

Rolling like the Pharma Bro disrespecting Ghostface Killah, it was a deal breaker!! where's the karma coming from?

That statement was uttered by Ghostface Gangsters down here in Georgia!! 

Feds supposedly shutting them down; a game changer? I don't know, it's rough down here in Georgia!!

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