Friday, March 09, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.6

Per the Louisville Cardinals basketball team having a rough season after Rick Pitino was fired?  I checked out the game changer; I mentioned seasons / reasons change in previous episodes.

Now this Louisville dude is in transition per this Pisces season!!   but per this Flashback Friday?  a dude is still in retro / futuristic /  mystical modes. 

What's the deal? we're in transition,  facing the crisis!  the future is now, it's time to get down!

What's the deal? we're in transition, but it's rough out here!!  it "ain't nothing nice";  spotted dude acting like Radio Raheem with a boom box dipping down Candler Road in Decatur! damn!!  is this how it's going down?

Check the  shady deal like Peyton Manning cutting ties with Papa Johns; NFL behavior a deal breaker?  so what's the response? we're out here paying the prices!! some were too high / some were just right.

God's Plan per Drake?  some are fake, but others were understanding things were right on time like the Brothers Johnson per Flashback Friday;  now we're responding;  sho you right! 

Word to the fake? y'all bear witness to this breakbeat scientific venture,  as we take it there!!

Word to the fake? fitness?  physical and mental needed to deal with the horror and terror!! 

Give me a break!! terra firma is firm with the drama!! what's up brotha?  hostile takeovers are business as usual. 

Give me a break!! the game changer? Tom Jones was fronting!!  to be loved by someone?  it's not unusual.

Give me break / give me a beat!! drums?  O-Zone utilizes them!!  acting brand new with ya per the O-Dog persona?

Game changers and deal breakers? check out these runs through danger zones, after haters bring the drama.

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