Saturday, April 27, 2013

After The Fact / Hindsight is 20 / 20

....Jokers want to front after the fact;  hindsight is 20 / 20! 

As we all gather and hunt!! the economy is better but resources are still scarce..but the ATL playa was like Ammar Harris out in Vegas...he said get your mind right money! 

Worldwide...everybody watches G8 / G20...but dude is actually a wannabe playa chasing the honey....ready to put handcuffs on her! 

What did jokers want from me, another layer of my aura?  now down in ATL Bluffs down by the Georgia Dome partaking!! soon its all a blur! 

...word from other participants on Glenwood Rd in Decatur! bamboozled by a hater....its hard to see in the Smoke and Mirrors! 

....hip to the Deliberate Falsehood; Boston Marathon bombers?   those ill with it orchestrate the horrors and terrors! 

Whose acting false in the hood?  even preachers and pastors are corporate! 

Some are even saying its all good!!! but like the chemical weapons "game changer" in Syria...this veteran knows how the sport will get!

 I'm not aborting it..its gotta be good!! as we proceed and continue;  opposition was met from frick and frack! 

....they're representing the thought and fashion police; but we survive..we have the knack for that!

Were representing the downtrodden..the Sonic Blackjack will smack this and that one that threatens our freedom...

Others called themselves representing but they need to get back with that...but said they had a reason for that after the said they're on the offensive like the Taliban in the spring...I see them..but wouldn't want to be them..

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