Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues / Routines, Rites and Rituals...Once Again

It was business as usual; Easy like this Sunday morning per the Commodores?   as folk go through their routines, rites, and rituals!

Its business as usual...the saga / struggle continues...we'll be easy.. as breakbeat science is dropped; even though insights are tainted from hanging around habituals....

.....criminals that is; intelligent hoodlums building..after reading subliminals dropped by the apparatus! 

Different methods were used to deal with the madness..some were even building Elaborate Fantasies...check the status! 

Different methods used when we came back with this good word and brand new the Brothers Johnson I guess its right on time!

 Different clones said it was futuristic back in the day;  but I continued my routines, rites, and rituals; oh yeah!! adjustments were made..but I went on with mine! 

Different clones were made with genetic engineering;  like food processing by corporations! 

Different drones hit up generic medicine men and shamans as they went though their routines, rites, and rituals;  soon they had to abort operations! 

Debt collectors  said we need to meet our jokers keep grinding at the 9 to 5! 

Going through the routines, rites and rituals!!  meanwhile we keep bringing these insights to you;  were Transmitting Live!

The saga / struggle continues...blessed to have another episode..discussed this morning at the Sunday Service before the offering plate is passed around...but insight is dropped when we get with you..survival techniques were enhanced..

The saga / struggle continues..some continue to be stressed...some are going off up in this thing!! ...flipping out!!  check the hate..meanwhile others were waiting in the dark about to blackout.. chilling at the disco inferno..with the devil they danced..

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