Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sacrificing; But Not A Sacrificial Lamb

We kept it moving; but were not fronting / show and proving like Johnquavious Hood.... a 30 Deep gang member..we had to sacrifice! 

Not acting brand new with this thing!! like Jamie Hood representing himself?...I'm still gathering and hunting...even though what we had was nice! 

The game has got to be good!! but not a martyr or sacrificial lamb up in this thing!! even while others style was lavish! 

Marta wasn't smarter!! who can we blame? stranded at Five Points in vendors allowed!  Kasim Reed said they can't have this! 

Terrorists will bomb marathons like Boston trying to unravel this!! some call them cowards! 

Whose fair with this?  fouled going to the hoop!! but free throw shooting is like Dwight Howard's!

.....or DeAndre Jordan' did some play?  scorching the earth was the theory! 

A life is taken for a pair of those Jordan's ..out of order with these plays? check the torch we the hardhat with the lantern on top!! going in!! but the outlook is bleary! 

...or even some were teary eyed...was it due to the smoke and mirrors?  now they need a sacrificial lamb! 

We defied authority!! we keep it moving!! O-Dizzle is nice with the jam!

Checked out Gil Scott Heron's jam..We Almost Lost Detroit!! actually..we already did...Michigan is running it...

Hip to the scheme and Coca Cola using all the water in arrid countries..were sacrificing..but not done with these..not through dealing...Sonic Assaults are unleashed..the apparatus will get whats coming to it.. 

Check out the We Keep It Movin / Sacrifice Mix

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