Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What It Do? We're Still Outside The Box

Were all up in the spot.....chilling out..unlike the Tsarnaev Brothers  we didn't scheme or plot...but were still outside the box!

It gets hot when going in / getting it in!! chemical weapons used like Syria? check the mass hysteria.. the hustle?  the system knocks! 

Bishop Don Magic Juan and Pimping Ken types kept on playing..but security checkpoints are set up!!  credentials should be in order! 

Reality checkpoints  per Logistics rebuke Elaborate Fantasies; please!!  it has to be official!! now were fasting and praying  as officials tell us were out of order! 

...Really not the next one...no packages from UPS Logistics received..checked the statistics..not the one they'll anoint!! they juke, shuck and jive;  clearance rack epiphanies  reveal the scheme of things!

Jokers will wreck the joint!! like car bombs at the French Embassy in Libya..making it hard to survive!! interference dealt with when they plot and scheme up on things

Other jokers dream up things!! like fake AP tweets...but soon they're caught up in the system / matrix! 

...Reminding me why I stayed outside the box; its rough out here in these streets..I couldn't stand jokers that faked it! 

O-Dizzle will take a beat and break it!! he rocks!!  Its Gotta Be Good! 

Whats the dizzle?  O-Zone remains outside the box due to Louisville / Newburg default settings; so its gotta be hood!

Whats the dizzle? its got to be real...from Charlotte Mecklenberg to Johannesburg...from Pluto to Mars...

Once inside..but plans fizzle....plus we didn't merge with the apparatus...now outside the box...were out here undergoing the healing process...trying to heal the scars 

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