Tuesday, April 30, 2013

They Lost Control

 How were these folks acting? they were like the Tsarnaev Brothers ...it seems they lost control! 

Jokers were flipping out! apparently misled/ waiting in the dark; messing around like that?  they lost their soul! 

Meanwhile were dipping out I-20 in Atlanta; check out how we roll ...we're not messing around..breakbeat scientific business is handled! 

Out here for a while ..soon rolling down Candler Rd in Decatur;  spotting clones...but we know how a vandal will do! 

But the NAACP was rolling up on Piggly Wiggly. ...on Candler Rd....sub-standard stores in the hood? some lost control in this thing!!  but I understand the code..if you don't handle business it'll handle you! 

Some lost control!! victimized by the Deliberate Falsehood..didn't understand the code.. now caught up in the system / matrix;  its like Rose Royce;  did love abandon you? 

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