Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I Heard What Was Said / It Sounded Like A Set Up

 I heard what was said!! plus I heard other noises...but it wasn't the Navy Blue Angels..due to the sequester...its sounds like a set up! 
Some will be caught out there!! shady ones acting brand new during the danger?  like Lone Star College stabbings..they're losing poise in the situation!!  said they were fed up!

O-Zone wasn't trying to be a star...out of the lab he brings knowledge about jokers Flipping Out...what were some fed up in this piece?  what elixir did they drink?  chefs stay busy in hell's kitchen!

 Some were misled up in this piece!! waiting in the dark!! meanwhile I was waiting on a spark that soon came; when I wrote this?  the clock said 11:11

....AM....then it was 1:11 PM...did the math..checked the chronicles...111 or 112 were the Checker Cabs I drove back in the day! 

What were some saying?  dude at White Castle on 7th and Broadway in Louisville said speak when spoken to and come when called!! or it'll be a set up...you'll be back in the way! 

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