Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tripping Out PT.3 / The Flipping Out Edition

Peeping game; seeing whats really going on!!  checking out the Total Chaos! 

Sleeping in the game?  you'll get gaffled!! soon taking a loss!

....now baffled, flabbergasted, overwhelmed; now some are flipping out! 

The "riff raff"  will take some under..gasping for air in the deep waters...unlike Incognito; where did you spot them? like Brenda Russell trying to Get Here...plane? train? auto? or in the submarine some are tripping out! 

....like South American drug dealers...whats the deal with us?  with this math were dipping out!!  ahead of the game! 

Americans like frick and frack said they were dedicated, determined and dependable like Fox5; in Atlanta...meanwhile others shuck and jive;  its all game! 

Americans and other earthlings believed the hype!! now they cry wolf like Mitch McConnell...offices bugged? they're caught up in the game! 

Caught up in the system / matrix;  like earthquakes in Iran near nuclear plants...it all fell apart...now saying its not the same;  they're on some "back in the day" stuff....its a shame!

It all goes sideways!! who can they blame? fakes ran the program.. nobody will accept responsibility! 

Sideways glances questioned reality coping strategies used for erasing the Elaborate Fantasy!

Somebody might understand me!! or they will after seeing their peeps flipping out! 

It was an accident waiting to happen!!  the mothership?  I stay strapped in!! the Babylon wilderness? that's where a  brotha creeps!!  but I'm slipping out!


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