Monday, April 15, 2013

Handling Business Before It Handles Us PT 4

Trying to maintain offers like Dennis Rodman to be a FBI informant...were handling business before it handles us!

Sunday Jazzing!! or even Digital Crate Digging;  I'm not even like Linc Hayes on the Mod Squad man!!  were back on this breakbeat scientific business! 

Podcasting!! scientific with it...broken beats and Random Thoughts are the essence of this discipline! 

Bombs blasting in Boston streets...broken streets, portals and pathways have spirits from broken dreams and promises;  so what were you missing?

Knowing how the sport goes....old school teams limping into the playoffs like Boston Celtics and Los Angeles this breakbeat science lost on these fakers? this math being dropped is a way of rectifying situations! 

Knowing how the sport goes...after Jumping and Recognizing; ..injuries breaking us? please!! no stunts pulled like MacGyver..defying situations! 

Dealing with the madness!! check the situations...they have us using the the Battle Cry; Lord Help! Lord Help!

Dealing with the apparatus;  check the status..any sympathy from the devil?  don't expect any help!

But the devil said help yourself to the meal prepared in his kitchen! 

Supposedly gluten free..but I'm knowing he's opposed to me and my mission!

I'm supposed to be handling my business rebuking Rasputin;  gluttons?  I free them from their punishment!

I'm opposed by Vladimir Putin types..others believe hypes; were dedicated to the truth...others needed no proof...I checked the astonishment! 

Others were disputing the truth;  like Karl Rove operatives hacking state websites to steal elections! 

Others were looting the treasury like Wall Street the mothership lands on "yawl's street"...handling business in your sections!

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