Saturday, April 13, 2013

Handling Business Before It Handles Us PT.3

Were out here!!  caught Tiger Woods shots go into the were trying to handle business before it handles us! 

Were out here!! its  tight in these hoods...checked the mothership..its like the Lion Air plane that skids into the asking the heavenly father to get a handle on us!!

Were out here!! hip to the Deliberate Falsehoods...animal kingdom business like Big Bear? word from Christopher the fire they'll strand us...

Check the handle; Its Gotta Be Good!!  just like Chris Paul?  up next Kyrie Irving...or maybe Peyton Siva...swerving; but did love abandon us? 

....Per Rose Royce;  check the prose...rebuking a non believer..representing the voice of the downtrodden;  Random Thoughts are expressed! clearance rack epiphanies; releasing energy projected by those that stressed!

 Interference was rejected..were blessed on this Mystic Voyage started as an unexpected journey like the Hobbit! 

Some interference expected..previously?  jokers tried to sabotage operations like the State of Michigan taking over Detroit..but we handle our business...its a rough job but somebody has got to do it! 

Jokers tried a sting operation with the enemy collaberation but it was rebuked we handle business before it handles us check the steady bombardment of the enemy position; spots get nuked! 

Using the handle..I juked on them!!  breaking ankles scoring for the team! 

Not acting brand new with them!! breaking them like the bank does these haters plot and scheme!

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