Saturday, April 27, 2013

If You Build It They'll Come

 Construction was booming!!  rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy?  developers said if you build it they'll come! 

Corruption was dooming some projects though!! but we kept fighting !! we didn't stop or yield!!  O-Zone is dropping this good word while O-Dizzle will play the drum!

Jokers?  they're on the run like suspect one and two in Boston!! now known as  Dzhohkar and Tamerlan security blankets the area! 

Some will come undone!!  lost in the Babylon wilderness due to irrational fears and insecurities;  no security blankets during the mass hysteria! 

Had to admit;  I was slipping up in this area!! time caught up with me! 

I had to hit the reset button; now back on Louisville / Newburg default settings!!  admitting..those that did the crime were brought up with me!

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