Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Heard What Was Said / Everybody Was An Expert

 I heard what was said!! more security cameras? so called authority figures fronted like they were experts!

Some were misled; lacking they're waiting in the dark;  Elaborate Fantasies were lived due to the networks! 

I know how it works!! so now I'm back to my old tricks!! based on Louisville / Newburg default settings! 

Staying one step ahead!! knowledge?  a bruh kicks!!  don't blame me if history is repeating! 

Staying one step ahead!! heard what was said...a Deliberate Falsehood? ..his story is defeating the purpose of what I'm trying to accomplish! 

Its got to be good..just like that!! dropping this good word and rocking the sound when we come with this!

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Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Heard What Was Said / Everybody Was An Expert

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