Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Posted Up / Like Big Shaq and Kareem

Check it out...I'm chilling..the mothership gets good mileage..I'm posted up like Big Shaq and Olajuwon and them!

 ...also posted up like Kareem Abdul Jabbar...but I'm not swimming..dropping breakbeat science...that's what I'm into; but plans go sideways as some are Flipping Out...whose mad like Dylan Quick at Lone Star College?  the apparatus is stunning  them!

 Danger zone authorities are barring them and those off the premises!! some are tripping out like the couple who kidnapped their sons and went to Cuba..but Cubans said credentials aren't right! 

That's strange;  O-Zone tells these stories about the arch nemesis being on the premises....shadetree mechanics weren't official...they act brand new with ya.."they ain't right"

Its Gotta Be Good!!  fanatics showed potential but their game ain't tight;  oh they could shoot!!  but they couldn't pass into the post! 

Its gotta be hood per national champions / Louisville / Newburg representaves; but crossovers were like Iverson..others erratic like Westbrook..but still they brag and boast! 

Dude said he was bossing over in this piece!! ..surprising some!! but crooked like horsemeat sold in Europe....whats up with it? when face to face with crooks?  getting toasted was an option! 

Another joker was fronting and flossing on Twitter and Facebook..but actually barely surviving like the rest of us..some without plan B or C or no other option! 

But were posted up like an old school NBA center..even though we checked the Elaborate's game is guard oriented! 

Were blue collar style / old school;  others slacked and coasted up in this piece!! meanwhile we put it down from LA / NYC to the ATL / Louisville...from the motherland to the orient!

North Korea will "holla atcha" from the Orient..fronting and flexing..

We checked the were posted up...putting it down like this...Sonic Blackjacking!! this is the next thing...

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