Friday, April 19, 2013

Whats That Noise? The Sonic Assault Edition

Whats that noise? I heard gunfire...flash bang grenades..then I heard tires screeching! 

Losing that poise?  the shot clock will expire like Suspect 1 and Suspect 2!!  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will tell you what it do;  plus  Tamerlan Tsarnaevo was the choir?  some are preaching! 

The wise and otherwise were over reaching / overreacting;  some were Flipping Out...usual suspects were caught up in the dragnet!

 Kojak asked who loves you baby?  One Adam Twelve will rise to the Detective Joe Friday on Dragnet! 

Laying low jack!! didn't dwell on the past...moving forward..but  wrote this on a Friday ...soon posting to the Internet! 

Whatcha know?  coping strategies fail!! how did some play?  soon they'll be caught in a net! 

That's whats up with it;  Elaborate Fantasies come to a screeching halt!

 Some felt the pressure!! I even mentioned it in the Sonic Assault! 

Hell was caught from Keystone Cops checking the pressure cookers and the crock pots!

 Crooks are hoping oil is flowing down Keystone XL  pipelines;  meanwhile OMANXL1 will rock spots! 

The Sonic Assault will knock plots and schemes or hustles of those that threaten freedom! 

What was taught when class was in session?  some were asleep..I see them..wouldn't want to be them

Check how we do;  while some asked about the noise being made we already knew what it do! 

Check how we do;  chilling out!! some lost their poise but we already knew what it do!

Sean Hannity and Pat Buchanan were hoping an Arab cut up in Boston...but it was somebody from the Caucasus area...

Some might understand me as breakbeat science is dropped...whose down for the cause in your area? 

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