Monday, April 29, 2013

Dealing With The Total Chaos / Still Outraged By The Destruction

So whats up?  The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse occurred in Scorpio...this veteran now coaching in the sport knows how it goes...checking out the aftermath....I'm laying in the cut... trying to avoid the chaos and confusion! 

So whats up? knowing the deal with this after doing the the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission vs UBS AG...the apparatus is delaying the come up;  but through the galaxies were cruising! the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two...listening to some old Showbiz and AG...Next Level..acting like we knew..but Mission Impossible types were choosing to take the first responders rolling up on the setup!

 .....Every possible obstacle gets in a brothas way!!  the devil and his advocates stay busy...but I continue to play..I can't let up! 

Knocked down and out like LA Lakers..they said I can't get up..please!! I felt the pressure..but we proceed and continue! 

Knocked down...the structure fell due to policies implemented by fakers..we're outraged by the destruction...but we rocked the sound in the midst of the ongoing total chaos;  you know the struggle will continue! 

We're outraged by the corruption...some are in a state of despair and turmoil...meanwhile security locked it down!! plus so called ATL players handcuffed the honeys! 

Whats up son? the hostile territory mocked ones freedoms and privileges..who really runs these? 

....and those; the old school baptist preacher said the devil will oppose;  creating chaos and confusion! 

Plus I was told the total lunar eclipse represents total chaos;  whose winning or losing?

Especially since its in Scorpio where Saturn a hurricane hits its North Pole... 

This veteran in there game now coaching knows how the sport will go.....after jumping and recognizing...observing the scene..checking out the Total Chaos...I'm outraged by the destruction!! but soon I'll be ready to roll...


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