Saturday, April 13, 2013

Its Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors PT.3

 Its hard to see in the Smoke and Mirrors!! the weather was cloudy!!  plus pollen was in the air like in Atlanta! 

Some hearts have hardened!! they joke about horrors and terrors ...heard saying whatever...foul when they go there!!  even said they didn't understand a bruh!

Some played parts in the ongoing Tiger Woods you'll get penalized...why did the mothership land a bruh in such a forsaken place? 

Its tight in these hoods...but some played hearts and spades and said they were holding trump cards;  but they're fronting and faking up in the place! 

Whose fronting and faking up in my face? sounding belligerent like Donald Trump.. they want me to go along with the program! 

But O-Dizzle is playing the basic role... gathering and hunting;  he drops funk..he wasn't worried about a slow jam!

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Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Its Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors PT.3

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