Friday, December 06, 2013

Stuck In Traffic Behind The White Van

 Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta.... I'm stuck in traffic behind the white van!

Whatcha know man? it looks like the one from the Cheaters program ...per Joey Greco and Gomez..but in some spots crooks roll up on Mopeds!! now that ain't right man! 

It might be hard to reach us!! were way way out there!! out in the Atlanta suburbs where capers are still  pulled!! 

.... please!!  perpetrators roll up in the Mercedes and the Lexus..wait!! that's a Kia Optima or a Hyundai !! ..but I wasn't fooled...

.... knowing jokers would cheat from the get go!! I know how they play!!  so I wasn't fooling with them! 

Actually I am;  class is in session!! O-Dizzle will rock he's  schooling them! 

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