Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Its An Uphill One

Its going down!!  like the drama in South Sudan!! the saga / struggle continues!!  it seems like I'm climbing the Catskills Mountains! 

But a brotha will continue to rock these venues!!  he had skills ...dropping this good word plus the sound; once again! 

Once again its on!!  actually it never stopped!!  like Chase Bank debit card users   trying to shop!! opposition was's on all fronts! 

...what's the deal with it? ...its on different avenues / boulevards;  local / national / international..even intergalactic!!  an alien fronts! 

An ATLien fronts!! swags like its all this and that!!  back in the game like Mike Huckabee? a don't stop get it get it getter! 

What kind of hand is he playing?  its rough out here!! please!!  we knew better! 

Were all up in the spot pushing the envelope / letter;  please!! it's rough out here!! but were trying not to go postal! 

Were all up in the spot!!  its hot due to global warming!! jokers brag and boast though!

We span the globe brainstorming / swagging!! but there were no Justine Sacco Aids in Africa remarks made...were humble with it! 

Intergalactic also!! dealing with a fanatic though!!  but its like the CIA vs FARC...they'll put up a rumble strip! 

Plus were under it!!  what?  the reign of terror!! as storm troopers do what they do! 

Thought and fashion police flex!! but during the storm O-Dizzle loops those funky beats while O-Zone drops science!!  acting like he knew! 

Its an uphill struggle!!  as I rock steel toe boots and the lime green safety vest while rolling through the debris field! 

.....after some crashed and burned!! the sag / struggle continues!! it's an uphill one!!  but I refuse to stop or yield!



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