Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The I-65 / I-75 Chronicles PT.5 (The Captain's Log Update)

 Back from the hiatus, I'm back in Atlanta:I guess it's time for this Captain's Log update...

How will I play this? who will understand a brotha? I'm trying to win like Villanova!! getting over the hate!!

Some say I'm trying to caste my fate to the wind per George Benson!! actually I was in the wind, rolling up I-75!!   I was traveling!!  checking on the matriarch up in Louisville...

What was the word on the curb / the word in the wind? please!!! O-Dog was ready to bark!!  all I heard was trap music, or strip club music on radio stations in Chattanooga , Knoxville and Louisville!!

What was the word on the curb / the word in the wind? some are trapped and about to lose it!! stripped of their rights and privileges after finding out about the real deal; analyzed the information after asking: what's the prognosis?

Oh yes!! the Real Deal Holyfield! as I roll through shucked corn fields on I-75  in Kentucky!! I  found a radio station playing Guns N Roses Knockin On Heaven's Door while billboards advertise bourbon by Four Roses

That's what that bourbon will do to you, act like you knew!!  the devil opposes!! word dropped by the old school Baptist preacher who was having his 50th anniversary at the same church!!

Who's working with you? I hit the reset button while riding through Louisville, home of the adversity anniversary!!! I was riding around doing my own Bing or Google search...

 What it do?  old homes I chilled in were now vacant lots!!  flagrant ones we're like the GOP, full of schemes and plots: Donald Trump soon thrown under the bus?

What it do?  a brotha holds trump cards, I had to vacate the premises, now dipping down I-65 on the way back to Atlanta soon ready to *break them off something* by updating this Captain's Log!!  but damn!! traffic was bad on I-65 due to a wreck, not I-75 fog!! I detoured through Horse Cave and Mammoth Cave, of course your dude will misbehave!!  told you!! I see it's on us!!

Beats thump hard!!! O-Dog is going off!! O-Zone has these borderline / on the edge rants and raves!! no justice no peace is the catch phrase.

Going hard!! soon rolling on I-24 on top of  Johnny Cash's  Monteagle Mountain listening to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin reminding me it's a cold world, did I need to pull out the cashmere coat again? check out these  I-65 / I-75 Chronicles per being back in Atlanta updating the Captains Log:    it's getting rough these days!!

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