Thursday, May 18, 2017

I'm Back With It I Wasn't Slack With It PT.8

 I'm back with it, I wasn't slack with it!! this is HumpDay Extravaganza / getting over the hump type of business,  even though I'm writing this on a Throwback Thursday. 

Some are getting the business like Trump vs Mueller!! witch hunts? please!!  your dude gathers / hunts on what I call Throwback / Thirsty Thursday. 

You heard me?  no need to ask Agent Mulder from the X-Files it's rough out here!! a dude is still hungry and thirsty!!  this math I drop is like a blues song as coping strategies fail us. 

You heard me?  it's rough out here!! flagrant agents with complex styles had to reach settlements like Roger Ailes..

May he rest in peace, he's gone home; others? I let them go on about their business!! I saw how they played it. 

Please!! the behavior was questionable,  plus alternative facts were provided! progress?  they delayed it.

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