Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Something's Gotta Give PT.1 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Musings)

Something has got to give!! on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday pressure is applied until the door opens.

How did we try to live?  like the GOP Health Care Plan some of my constituents felt the pressure!! some are wishing and hoping.

How did we try to live? what's the deally? what's the plan?  please!!  things have gotten tight in these hoods..

How did we try to live? please!!  something has gotta give per Q Ball & Curt Cazal  aka  QNC ; we're trying to comeback like Tiger Woods..

How did we try to live? were we saying the wrong /  right words per Phaedra Parks?  I see the fireworks / sparks but the website said sign in with your username and password to find the word on the curb.

 Fake news per Sally Yates vs Donald Trump?  just trying to get over the hump,  but like Mike Flynn you'll be  kicked to the curb.

...Now, like over in Decatur curbs are littered with old Smirnoff vodka bottles and empty Newport cartons,  the green pack.

Played like a buster or herb?  couldn't get off!!  the system throttles those old or new in the sport!! now they're seen at the back.

What's up with us? we're back on the scene, oh yes!! we're back!! putting it down on this Terrible /Terrific Tuesday..

Something's Gotta Give, or is it Something Has Got To Give per the thought and fashion police? you know they'll act brand new with me!!

A plotter / schemer is up to something like the CIA in North Korea; they'll determine whether this will be a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday.. 

What's the perspective, positive or negative? Something's Gotta Give!! we're moving forward with a Fresh View / Fresh Vision!! everyway / everyday..


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