Thursday, May 04, 2017

WTF? (What's That Foolishness) PT.8

I was asked, what's good? I was just trying to chill, but now I'm like WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) as I see others were caught up in the glamour and glitz.

What's hood? some will damn ya if you are or not or if you do or don't!! even if you do or don't?  reality will gaffle you like NFL linebackers will blitz.

That's how they play the field!! getting paid if they don't yield? please!!  but glitches in the matrix make you slow your roll.

Throwback Thursday?  back in the day,  rolling down Broadway or  Muhammed Ali Blvd in Louisville not just on Derby Day but any day!!  listening to Curtis Mayfield with  Right On For The Darkness!! I was listening to some real soul!!

Back to the future; how did we roll? I didn't park this mothership!! I'm Always Dreaming in this Classic Empire!! before the shot clock will expire  mainstream of mathematics excursions are underway,  similar to deep sea diving.

Some act brand new with ya, we're facing opposition,  as a team of fanatics swerving out in these treacherous waters think I'm shucking and jiving.  

A dude is arriving on the mothership with the brand new funk!! I wrote this on James Browns birthday.

... So you know the brand new funk is involved, even though it's considered Throwback Thursday..

How will the work be? another health care bill from the GOP? meanwhile this work has spiritual significance. 

But this math is disputed by thought and fashion police,  they say its belligerence. 

WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) is heard as we bring the brand new funk and this good word...

 WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) is what I'm asking like House investigators questioning James Comey, so what's up homie? what's the word?


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