Monday, May 15, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (It's Another Weekend Wrap Up)

It's going down!!  rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! the venue?  it was Mothers Day.

I see how some are rolling; per these Donald Trump types?  dropping the mother of all bombs is how they play. 

Per Music Monday? we're dropping bombs like Trouble Funk!!  not shooting missiles like North Korea

...Rolled down the runway in the mothership; check the drama as the situation bombs over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!! now some will shoot pistols!  check the scenario.!

How did I play? this past Sunday was Easy like the Commodores per the Outback Chronicles!! before I rolled out on I-20 I shined up the hooptie, plus worked on the exterior of the house while rocking a red and black Louisville Cardinals hat. 

How did nature play? what's the response to these and those? what will the truth be? checked out the Angry Birds!!  a crow was squawking plus a red and black cardinal was on the top of the house / the roof asking what's up with that?

It's not natural how some play!!  I heard the angry words as the persecution continues,  you know the devil opposes!! the drama?  he's starting it. 

It's irrational how some play!! the prosecution will rest it's case,  soon per more angry words we'll hear closing arguments. 

How did others play? was their Zaza Pachulia type justice obstruction?  closers were wanted / needed!!  positions were available per San Antonio Spurs blowing a 21 point lead against the Golden State Warriors. 

What's up son?  who rose to the occasion? another will act brand new with ya like Huggy Bear played by Antonio Fargas types!! at the end of the day,  even they became spiritual warriors. 

...That's after they were caught up in the system / matrix!! damn!!
De La Soul said the Stakes Is High,  but apparently some weren't listening.

 ...That's after those that they were brought up with critiqued the funk / saw that they faked it; see how they roll!!  like family reunions on this past Mothers Day,  the drama?  they're revisiting.

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