Friday, May 05, 2017

WTF? (What's That Foolishness) PT.9

 I'm like WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) ; I see the GOP celebrating per the Obamacare repeal and replace..

 I'm like WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) ; a fool is played by everyone per Cuba Gooding Sr and the Main Ingredient; from Las Vegas to Louisville money will be bet on the race...

Always Dreaming and Classic Empire consider favorites at the Kenutcky Derby, but who'll work with me after lights blink on the instrument panel? on earth I'm stranded..

Always plotting / scheming, no class shown in the empire? what's showing? earthlings were bruising and battering us as we drove to the hoop like  Isaiah Thomas with reckless abandon.

Plays aren't rotting, plus we're teaming up with others on fire!! now we're flowing through like Barry Sanders!  per Flashback Friday?  I'm already rocking the number 20 throwback.

WTF?  (What's That Foolishness);  some say they don't understand us, but I've been here!!! from Louisville to The Nati. / Nap Town and back to The A-Town!!  like Flashback Friday a brotha goes back.

Actually, my spirit goes back to middle passages;  Ship A' Hoy like that old joint by the O-Jays?  feeling the motion of the ocean plus the cold winds that blow by? these days I send messages in the songs.

WTF?  (What's That Foolishness);  I didn't just get off the boat!! I'm getting off with a beat and quote, fighting society's wrongs.

WTF?  (What's That Foolishness);  a moat was built to keep the arch nemesis off the premises but those fools got in!!

WTF?  (What's That Foolishness);  I tote a sack full of this good word to rebuke the empty promises made!! it didn't matter what schools they were in!!

Old school / new school / no school rules? True talk or True Stories per the track by Krust?

Flashback Friday business takes place, those that lie stay out of my face!! not falling for that piece of paper that says In God We Trust..

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