Monday, May 08, 2017

WTF? (What's That Foolishness) PT.10

It's going down!! now I'm asking WTF?  (What's That Foolishness); like the Obamacare repeal and replace  I can see that my constituents were beleaguered.

It's going down!!  now I'm asking WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) ; my people are caught out there!! they're trying to deal with it,  but the madness lingered. 

They couldn't put their finger on it but something just ain't right per Keith Sweat. 

I might put a singer on it!!  what?  the O-Dog track!!  what it do?  "you don't stop and you don't quit"

The ringer was turned up on it!!  what?  the alarm,  now it's going off!!

O-Dog lingered in the lab; he's  asking WTF?  (What's That Foolishness);  soon he was turned up during  reign of terror / the storm!! now he's going off! 

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors type of atmosphere? it's rough out there,  but O-Zone was throwing off devil's advocates that were always scheming. 

Broken beats and broken English were the basis!!  soon winning in adverse conditions like Always Dreaming. 

Broken hearts and spirits due to pre-existing conditions? I try to get over it, always dreaming of a better day!!  soon moving in that direction. 

Always teaming up with the Lord's will,  at least trying!!  it's the only way we can find perfection. 

What's the word in your section? it's going down from from I-45 / I-10 per the H Town Swagg to out here on I-20 per the Dekalb County sheriff being caught out there in Piedmont Park.. 

Spiritual inspections are done, asking WTF?  (What's That Foolishness) as we continue to do the knowledge!! we weren't waiting in the dark..

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