Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Somethings Gotta Give PT.5

Somethings gotta give!! Oh okay! I see how they want to play!! it's like Trump vs Comey so I govern myself accordingly

That's the catch phrase / cliche from old school Baptist preachers, plus it's mentioned on so called official documents; plus when we're trying  to rock it reality teaches us where the border or boundaries will be.

These days?  I told some, during the fire baptisms it was hard to reach ya!! in the ATL? from College Park to Decatur out of order signs were stamped on some heads after the capers were pulled. 

Somethings gotta give; muscle spasms from the strenuous workout? please, we weren't fooled!! do we need  Kellyanne Conway type alternative facts provided after papers were pulled?
Somethings gotta give; so we're working it out as we proceed and  continue!! we get breakbeat scientific in this district!! of course we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta. 

...Hoping I'm not on collision courses per the Atlanta traffic and other facets;  the legal system won't grant reality divorces!!  they don't understand a brotha.

Checking out the  Russian collusion per the running off at the mouth like Trump!!

No information overload! truth be told?  I'm just a brotha from the Midwest stranded down south, still  trying to get over the hump. 

,,,Especially per the HumpDay Extravaganza but check the funk mode plus these bro quotes / this good word that's dropped.

Not a Space X tourist but a dude is intergalactic with it,  so you know I cosmic slopped. 

On the case!! after jumping / recognizing and realizing that somethings gotta give!! 

On the case!! humping per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! I'm just trying to live..

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