Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Somethings Gotta Give PT.4

 Somethings gotta give!! I'm just trying to live but due to wars and rumors of wars some will get caught out there like Seth Rich..

Just keep living was the word from the old school baptist preacher,  Little League chants are heard in the background; swing batter!! swing batter!! Phil Niekro types will throw their best pitch.. 

John Podesta types will get rich to this like they were the Goodie Mob, while Trump and Flynn make gangster moves like they're the mob..

Reality can get the best of ya, you heard this from a witness!! somethings gotta give!! I guess giving this testimony /  bearing witness is my job!!
Reality can get the best of ya!! trying to swerve with this,  but we encounter glitches in the matrix. 

Contact customer service was the advice,  but those fools "ain't nice"  they'll fake it. 

Routines / rites / rituals and customs are observed! some will recognize the pattern.

...Soon jumping to conclusions now check the perspective;  some are disrespected!! egos?  they're bruising / battering. 

Humping like it's the HumpDay Extravaganza but it's Terrible Terrific Tuesday;  perspectives lead to the outcome, so check the  determination.

Rump shaking per Bruno Mars 24 Karat Magic in the air?  somethings gotta give, check the situation. 

Hoopties windows shaking!! I reflect on the Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth per 24 Carat Black  as I swerve down I-20 in Atlanta!! it  till has a lot of traffic even though I-85 has reopened

Truth be told? somethings gotta give!!  any sympathy? not from these government officials / corporations / gamblers out for a fast buck!  the bridge on Flat Shoals Parkway over I-285 is barely open. 

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