Friday, May 19, 2017

Somethings Gotta Give PT.6

Somethings gotta give!!  futuristic accusations were made;  but check out this Flashback Friday business!

Somethings gotta give, so realistic positions are taken per dealing with the present; they're  based on 20 /20 hindsights that led to knowing what the deal is!!

Trying to get my mind right,  knowing what the real is!!  not left in the dark like Mike Pence concerning Michael Flynn

Trying to get my mind right,  but not waiting in the dark!!  per Christopher Cross or even Rodney Franklin  I have visions of sailing. 

Trying to get my mind right; somethings gotta give!!  so what's happening captain? per Steve Miller? time keeps on slipping / slipping into the future!! check the clock..

I mentioned reading the TelePrompTer earlier; brothas in a romper? I can't work with ya!! dealing with the madness so there's never a writers block. 

The Final Call mentioned black male feminization, I paid attention even though I'm financially broke!! by I broke north plus I have broken beats and I'm prompt with the good word incited by society's hustle knock.

Somethings gotta give!!  check the pomp and circumstance season per graduations,  meanwhile Rep. Al Green goes at Trump per an  impeachment!!  excited about the hustle knock.!!

Al Green plays in the hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! reflecting / contemplating, prompt per debatable circumstances season?  being built or torn down?  the drama goes down from Russian collusion to firing James Comey. 

Somethings gotta give!! things are crazy but writing prompts are provided when the forces collided!!  some are playing games homie!!

Writing these complementary tickets, breakbeat scientific when we kick it!! check out how we're trying to live..

Exciting as we implement this strategy, after jumping to conclusions  / recognizing that somethings gotta give!!

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