Thursday, May 11, 2017

Somethings Gotta Give PT.3 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

..Stared into the Scorpio full moon last night; telling myself, somethings gotta give...

Truth or dared? some see how the sport will go!! a fool swooned, they went on with their bad self!! soon fired like James Comey!! heard saying they're just trying to live... 

Truth or dared? jokers played games homie!! they went on with their bad self!! they left the building like those crooks at Aetna leaving Obamacare!! dollars they chase

Somethings gotta give; some were full of themselves like the GOP,  with the Obamacare repeal and replace. 

Somethings gotta give; others were fooling themselves, soon caught out there!!  shady dealing in the race? 

Somethings gotta give; check out what we do to ourselves, what were we trying to prove to ourselves in this race?

Always Dreaming in the race like the Kentucky Derby? meanwhile others were considered unworthy. 

Always plotting / scheming? like Fox News settlement payments these gamblers out for a fast buck will do work that's dirty. 

Fabric rotting? please!!  I was cut from a different cloth so the work will have spiritual significance. 

Somethings gotta give!! mathematics are dropped but some said it's not a good thing;  thought and fashion police mentioned belligerence. 

Somethings gotta give!! these fanatics flopped, called themselves drawing an offensive foul but they were foul  /  slack with it. 

Due to the karma?  we cosmic slopped, jazzed it up / funked it up plus we hip hopped;  on this Throwback Thursday? we're back with it.

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