Friday, May 26, 2017

Something's Gotta Give PT.8

Something's gotta give!!  I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in Simon and Garfunkel like Sounds of Silence.

 ..Downloading cosmic information for this and that situation,  somebody might understand a brotha!! soon cosmic slopping after   aliens told me how the funk should go,  so I'm in compliance!!

 The system is dysfunctional!! it's shady bro!!  no reliance on GOP thugs like Greg Gianforte out in Montana. 

..Knew how the funk should go;  pawn shop appliances were still functional as I show defiance in the sport bro!! still pimping like French Montana

ATLiens got crunk though,  they didn't understand a brotha from the Midwest. 

Something's gotta give!!  for a brotha in this land?  there's no rest. 

Something's gotta give!! but once again it's on! a brotha is still blessed! I'm not playing games homie!! check these thoughts expressed while using the blue ink.

..writing on the loose leaf,  tapping on the iPhone and on these HP keyboards then blogging, haters? I'm flogging!! random thoughts collected.!!  I answered the question they asked me like the ones they'll ask James Comey;  what it do? / what do you think?

Whose belief influenced a brotha? they asked me, what's up with ya? per the Flashback Friday type of business it was funk from James Brown / The Parliament / Earth Wind and Fire / Ohio tapping Yamaha response to the propaganda.

Who's providing relief from the gossip lies and innuendo? some like Sean Hannity add fire to it, like smoking that kush / loud or indo...

Something's gotta give!! you'll get caught out there like Jared Kushner!! rolling seven in the Atlantic City / Las Vegas or even inner city project dice game, crapping out!!

Something's gotta give!! but constituents will get bum rushed per Trump G7 meetings!!  greetings!! it ain't nothing nice!! some are tapping out!

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