Friday, September 01, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT. 6

What's up with us?  August is over with, we slide into that portal called September..

Augustus / Julius Caeser / Donald Trump types still wanted their share!! meanwhile I'm out here rolling through this Atlanta traffic listening to Earth Wind and Fire; September...

What's up cousin? don't get me wrong, per this Flashback Friday? I remember the time per Michael Jackson!!

What's up cousin? don't get me wrong, I'm a changed man but I remember the crimes; we were all up in the action..

What's up cousin? "time keeps on slipping / slipping / slipping into the future"

...Borrowing a line from Steve Miller with Fly Like An Eagle; this dude is not a shady dealer, that's what I told a legal eagle!!  I'm just trying to school ya! 

Damn!! you'll need a tool for the window of opportunity that just closed,  due to the timing. 

..Or maybe you can move on to the next,  it just might be perfect timing. 

The young preacher out in Conyers Georgia spoke about taking advantage of opportunities,  but discernment was needed. 

Down here in the ATL or anywhere? the young or old can reach you with a trap!! progress is impeded. 

Down here in the ATL? it's more serious than 2Chainz Pink Trap House!! during the process?  prayer is needed before going in /  getting it in. 

O-Dizzle mentioned being in it up to your necks,  so how you feeling?

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