Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events PT.10

Digital Crate Digging will continue, check the chain of events!!  we're chilling out, trying to ride off into the sunset. at the end of cowboy movies? but boy,  check how the moves will be per the chain of command;  they'll bring the drama to your doorstep. 

Boy please!!  check the moves / check the chain of events!!!   one episode begets another, now it's like wildfires burning in California!! Lord help them!! but on another level,  in some episodes?  constituents won't let it rest. 

They didn't let it go per Frozen,  now per the chain of command  more construction / corruption sites are open!! damn!! even the willing workers are stressed. 

I visualized the sequence!! in the midst of the chaos and confusion? we were trying to chill, having a seat!!  even Kendrick Lamar said sit down and be humble. 

The bass will rumble,  beats bump!!  O-Dog will rock!! but due to the chain of commands Trump vs Puerto Rico type hustle knock the structure is unraveling!!  in the midst of the spiritual warfare?  we're trying to get down but we just stumble. 

Gunfire rumbled in Las Vegas!!  enhanced by the bump stocks Stephen Paddock was using, plus rapid fire tweets by Trump hit up Puerto Rico, Bob Corker and  even NFL owners.  

What will transpire? check the status, math is dropped per street codes!! others popped the cork on the bubbly, so its on us. 

The path's onus led to alt shift delete threats from the chain of command aka  the matrix architect. 

...also known as the webmaster;  damn!! what it do?  Guru and Bahamadia said respect the architect. some instances?  it's hard to do!! check the chain of events,  per seeing how things go down. 

Debatable circumstances will have you asking;  are you being built or torn down?

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