Sunday, October 15, 2017

“Mr. Underground” (The Music of Glenn Underground) Mixed by DJ Spivey

Sunday Jazz Continues!! Earlier we had some traditional jazz / soul jazz / jazz funk and even some jazzhop!! Check me out on Twitter, to see how it all transpires!!

On this episode we’re checking out some jazzdance / house music per “Mr. Underground” (The Music of Glenn Underground) Mixed by DJ Spivey!!

From the sound selector DJ Spivey? “This Set features music from one of my favorite Deep House producers, Mr. Glenn Underground. GU’s style is Deep and Jazzy House with that Chicago twang added to it for additional flavor. I’ve played tons of Glenn’s tracks over the years and they always give my mixes a boost so I dug through old some tunes and decided to create an all Glenn Underground Mix! I tried some different techniques on this one to simulate more how I play my live sets, to put it bluntly I just had more fun bouncing around and took a few more crazy musical chances playing these tunes. So plug in your phones and lets get ready to go Deep into The Underground with Chicago’s very own GU!
Check out the playlist and the mix!!

Mr. Underground:
0:00:00 You Know Me (Glenn Underground’s SJU Summer Ends Mix) by Four Walls
0:07:08 Deep Within by Glenn Underground
0:13:10 Conquistador by Glenn Underground
0:24:07 Afro Gente (Edit) by Glenn Underground
0:32:20 A Soft Drink by Glenn Underground 0:42:17
Dancer (Glenn Underground Remix) by K Alexi Shelby
0:49:07 7th Trumpet by Glenn Underground
0:55:35 Taser (Main Mix) by Boo Williams, The SJU (Glenn Underground)
1:01:20 Moog Vibrations by Glenn Underground
1:11:18 Robots & Bumblebees (A Tribute to Patrick Adams) by Glenn Underground
1:18:20 Service by Glenn Underground
1:27:30 Esta Hermosa Cancion by Abicah Soul & Glenn Underground
1:33:08 The Blues (aka Tribute to GSH) by Glenn Underground
“Mr. Underground” (The Music of Glenn Underground) Mixed by DJ Spivey | Whats Really Going On?

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