Monday, October 09, 2017

Coffee House – Jazzy House Mix (2017)

Oh yes!! Music Monday is here, so it leads to another episode of this digital crate digging..

..Also Columbus Day, but Indigenous People Day is more appropiate; but hate? more people are giving..

Let the music play is my response!! doing this for my peoples worldwide!! for freedom? we continue to ride!! no need for opiates to get us high!!! that’s not how we’re living..

Well, I am caffienated, drinking a hot cup of coffee on this overcast day in Atlanta as remnants of Hurricane Nate blow through; a couple of months from now? it’ll be cold and some will be shivering!

Actually, some already are due to it being a cold world! wake up and smile the coffee or stay woke as my people say..

I’m chilling out after bumping heads with these cold world representatives, listening to Coffee House – Jazzy House Mix (2017) courtesy of DJ Disma!! check out the playlist and the mix!! let the music play!!

01 Deep Xcape – Stories
02 Deep Xcape – Open Skys
03 RealPurple Deep – Rise and Shine
04 Andrei Swipe – 10 Days Only
05 Steven Stone feat. Elisangela – Alucinada de Prazer (Movement Soul Instrumental)
06 Dolls Combers ft. James Lavonz – This Aint Real
07 Mauro Falardo – Mr Dubfire
08 The Rurals – Branflakes
09 Rivera Rotation – Latinica Witch
Coffee House – Jazzy House Mix (2017) | Whats Really Going On?

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