Monday, October 23, 2017

Recuperation (Let The Healing Process Begin) PT.5

Like Atlanta Falcon fans feeling some kind of way after another loss to New England I say let the healing process begin!! as I like to tell my constituents,  it's rough out here. 

It's time for recuperation but  John Kelly types pollute the atmosphere;  now Congresswomen Frederica Wilson will take it there.  

Not a problem when the dog barks at the moon,  only when the moon barks back? 

Let the healing process begin!! we're rocking!!  O-Dog will hit you up with a tune,  while O-Zone will bring this good word back. 

In need of recuperation? we're trying to work that and this situation out to the best of our ability!!

We heard all that and this!! like Earl Watson fired by the Phoenix Suns the naysayers will question our ability. 

What it do? it's elementary Watson!! we say prayers; Lord Help is the Battle Cry!! lines blurred in the smoke and mirrors,  now who's for or against us? 

...Even Ray Lewis mentioned the status of weapons formed against us! 

They won't work,  act like you knew this!!  Richard Spencer's constituents were warned down in Florida.

 They won't work!!  some would rather dispense that Chinese or Mexican fentanyl from across the border.

This world is out of order!! a ball of confusion like the Temptations said?

Even Tina Turner had a version, whichever one is working!! put up the out of order sign!!  mass confusion is where the temptations led.

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