Friday, October 20, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Caught In A Moment Of Time)

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta taking a moment to reflect,  guess you can say I'm caught in a moment of time

O-Dog wasn't barking at the moon with the moon barking back per Congresswoman Frederica Wilson this is internal inspection;  critical stage of development?  John Kelly was trying to tell them but check the details, the devil's in them,  plus he's an opponent of mine.

...and probably yours,  but some run up scores by being devil's advocates. 

Check this Throwback Thursday /  Flashback Friday type of business, we had to come back with this. 

My mind has flashbacks, so now we're back with this like George W Bush talking about Trump's America. 

We're back with this like Kim Jong Un saying he's holding trump cards in the poker game with America. 

Who's fair with ya?  man it's rough out here!!  vagrants and others even get their hustle on out here in the woods /  suburbs.  

How did they get out here in this neck of the woods?  this area is usually occupied by busters and herbs

...But that's probably why they're here,  looking for a mark or victim so they can trick them!!  later on I saw some of those cats on MARTA,  popping rubber bands. 

Meanwhile I'm out here in the hooptie or the bucket like used car salesmen call them!!  I'm out on I-20 in Atlanta listening to Bootsy's Rubber Band.

...Maybe even Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band,  per rolling solo. 

Pep in my step per Stepping Into Tomorrow per Donald Byrd,  you heard? Scorpio Season on deck, so whatcha know? 

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